Man today is sick because he thinks that he is sick. Sickness and disease have no place in the life of a man who does not accept and tolerate the self-limiting thoughts, which are the real seeds of our myriad ailments. We stand hypnotized by the belief that disease and illness are our fate and destiny, rather than health and bliss, which are truly our birthright and heritage. In order to emerge from our mass hypnosis and collective hysteria and to experience health, joy and creative fulfillment, we must make systematic application of yoga in our daily lives.

For every human the basic structure of body and mind is same. A person is healthy only because he is able to receive good vibrations from the cosmos into his structure. Yoga shows how one can tune his or her body and mind to receive only good vibrations and reject the unwanted, even as a healthy radio or TV set reproduce the required transmission efficiently while rejecting all disturbances.

Yoga therapy and research institute, a wing of Shiv Darshan Yoga Vidyalaya, specializes in the treatment of Asthma, Diabetes, High blood pressure, Arthritis and back problems. The results of our yoga therapy have also been validated and acknowledged by specialists from modern medical field. Following list of medical scientists who associate with us in our research project.


Honorary Medical Adviser

Dr. K.P.Misha (Cardiologists, Apollo Hospital)

Dr. S.Ranjan (Cardiologists)

Medical Panel (Honorary)    

Dr. A.K.Ethirajan (Consultant Physician)

Dr. S.Siva Murgan (Orthopedic Surgeon –  Director of Bone & Joint Hospital)

Dr. P.Elango (Thoracic Physician, Apollo Hospital)

Dr. Ravindran (Thoracic Physician)

Dr. Selvam Diaz (Physician)

Dr. Selvam Padian (Diabetologist)


Yoga Therapy 

Swami Gambhirananda Saraswati (Acharya, Shiv Darshan Yoga Vidyalaya)

Under the Guidance of  Paramhamsa Swami NIRANJANANANDA SARASWATI

(Paramacharya, Bihar Yoga)


Visit our website or write to us your specific problems. For locals, this vidyalaya runs classes regularly. For outstation people residential facilities are available at out Ashram.  After your registering with us, we will suggest suitable course of action for you.

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