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Inside City/Outstation – Duration  2  to  5 Days  (Based on requirement)

For Groups/Institutions/Clubs/Government establishment/Public Factories


Stress Management Course

As we live in a fast world each one of us will be facing the ill effects of stress. This is especially so in the case of executives and politicians. There is no effective medical therapy for stress.Yoga is a science of body, mind and consciousness which offers the ideal counter balance to stress, both as a preventive practice and as a post stress therapy.

Stress Management is essential for people engaged in business, Industrial Production, Banking, Politics etc. In a way all executives are prone to stress related problems. While efficient stress management can improve the health prospects and work efficiency of executives, these techniques can also improve the productivity in the industries if the workers are properly motivated by Stress relieving techniques

Shiv Darshan Yoga Vidyalaya,  offers best remedies for stress related problems

The courses offered by this vidyalaya are of duration between 2 to 5 Days

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